Natalie Rohman

A Chicago Girl Paving Inspiration

Getting My First Tattoo

Part of me is still kind of in shock, it was only two weeks ago when I thought about getting a tattoo. Never did I ever think I would go through with it at this young. I'm 18, so it's totally legal and up to me, but part of me still can't believe it happened. I texted my best friend an…

Come to Miami with Me!

My spring break is officially over and if you have not seen my posts on Facebook or Instagram, then you do not know that my best friend Alyssa and I planned a weekend trip to Miami, Florida. Now in none of my thoughts did I consider going on a beach vacation with my best friend for the first time.…

St Patrick's Day Vibes

St. Patrick's Day is always a fun and vibrant holiday. I will be in Florida living it up in the sun, but I thought it would be nice to make a post as I usually do about what to wear. I love being festive and adding some subtle touches make the celebration a bit more exciting.
Show some bronze …
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