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An Indian Summer Dress

Over this past week, it had reached up into the 90s, which is pretty uncommon for Chicago weather. However, Chicago weather is totally unpredictable anyway. I know I love talking about the weather more than anyone else, but it has really effected the way I dress. It's almost the first of October and on the first day of fall it was almost a hundred degrees. I knew I could stretch my dress and shorts wearing for another couple of weeks. 

My lovely friend Wiktoria and I spent the afternoon one day after class exploring my college neighborhood, which is Lincoln Park, and found some hidden places that were great for photographing. I love Lincoln Park and all of its hidden treasures, so I will definitely be exploring more in the future. 
I was at American Eagle a couple weeks ago and fell in love with this adorable cut-out floral dress. It's the perfect day or night dress and I have found that you can really dress it up with a leather jacket and heels if you need to. It has lavender and blush tones in it and the detailing on the top are what really drew me towards it. I paired it with basic, brown gladiators, but I can see this being layered with a sweater, boots, and a cute scarf maybe in the fall and colder months. 
I'm a sucker for any floral print and I really think florals are coming back into style like on embellished jackets, appliquéd t-shirts and jeans, and many other pieces of clothing. I've seen multiple bloggers wear pieces with red roses and flowers, so I would definitely get on that cute bandwagon! Florals are so timeless and can be worn all year round in my opinion. It just depends on how you style them!


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