About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog! My name is Natalie. I am a 18-year-old college student, writer, photographer, and enthusiast of all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle related.

In June 2015, after constantly indulging in numerous amounts of beauty blogs and videos as a way to further my beauty knowledge, I decided to join the beauty blogger world. 

On my blog you should find many things beauty and lifestyle related. I will be doing reviews on products that I have purchased, segments on my life and experiences, writings about things I like, and much more. I hope that all of my readers enjoy my blog and hopefully we can grow into a big community of peeps!

Thanks to everyone who takes the time out to comment and read my blog. I appreciate every view and comment I get and the interest that is starting to grow with my blog.  I will continue to write, post, and someday make videos for all who reads and watches them. I hope my posts have helped many of you who need it or are just looking for some simple advice and tips as you strolled along to my blog!

What do you use to take your photos?
Canon EOS T5i with a 15-88 mm lens.

What program do you use to edit your photos?
 (I did a blogpost on this in June. Find it here.) I don't have photoshop but, I think the Pixlr Editor is very close to it!

Who designed your blog?
I did of course! (With the help of ThemeXpose)

What made you want to start a blog?
As a young girl, I got dragged into our generation of new technology which consisted of social media. My mom hated the idea of it but, I was quite interested in it. My first Instagram account was when I was about 12 (behind my mom's back teehee don't do this kids!). From that day on, I was faced with many things like Youtube. Youtube brought me to a whole new world—a boring one. I would hide away in my room and feel shame because all of the people I would binge watch like many beauty gurus and Youtube stars had lives, amazing ones, and they all had millions of subscribers and followers and content that was interesting (yes I was thinking this at age 12).  I was like "Hey I should start right now so I have enough time to build my community!". I started a Youtube channel and immediately stopped because I needed to focus on school and I had no idea what I was doing. Like a 12 year old girl could gain a million subscribers. So when I stopped making some pretty weird videos that were mostly singing videos with my friend Megan, in school I was really interested in writing. I love it now to this day.  So I recently had the idea of doing something that was less terrifying by being able to blog! Now I get to share what I know about beauty and share my writing skills with all of you thanks to blogspot.
So why are you doing this now?
Since it is currently summer, I decided that I should do something for myself. To get myself out there and share what I really love doing. Plus,  this is so much fun to do. This truly makes me happy and I can share all things beauty, incorporate photography, and free write about things that I love.

Thanks a bunch!

Xoxo, Natalie

*I am not affiliated to any of the companies shown in my posts unless said or noted. Anything shown was either bought by me or gratefully gifted/sent to me. All of these opinions and pictures shared are strictly and honestly my own otherwise credited or cited. The products I use and review for my blog are only reviewed because I think they fit in with my blog and I want to share my sincerest opinion on them; I would never recommend a product that I never truly enjoyed. Products that are sent to me will be marked with an asterisk (*).