About Me

Hi! Welcome to my blog! My name is Natalie. I am a 18-year-old college student, writer, photographer, and enthusiast of all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle related.

In June 2015, after constantly indulging in numerous amounts of beauty blogs and videos as a way to further my beauty knowledge, I decided to join the blogger world. On my blog you should find many things beauty and lifestyle related. I will be doing reviews on products that I have purchased, segments on my life and experiences, writings about things I like, and much more. I hope that all of my readers enjoy my blog and hopefully we can grow into a big community of peeps!

Thanks to everyone who takes the time out to comment and read my blog. I appreciate every view and comment I get and the interest that is starting to grow with my blog.  I will continue to write, post, and someday make videos for all who reads and watches them. I hope my posts have helped many of you who need it or are just looking for some simple advice and tips as you strolled along to my blog!

Thanks a bunch!

Xoxo, Natalie

*I am not affiliated to any of the companies shown in my posts unless said or noted. Anything shown was either bought by me or gratefully gifted/sent to me. All of these opinions and pictures shared are strictly and honestly my own otherwise credited or cited. The products I use and review for my blog are only reviewed because I think they fit in with my blog and I want to share my sincerest opinion on them; I would never recommend a product that I never truly enjoyed. Products that are sent to me will be marked with an asterisk (*).                                   

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