My Spring Activewear Picks

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It's not always easy staying motivated to keep up with being active, however, now that's it's been getting increasingly warm out this season (and especially for Chicago), working out and doing active things outside are becoming way more bearable. I was inspired to write this post by Kate Jordan from AdoreMe and she asked what my go-to athleisure picks were for this season. If you all know me, then you know that yoga is a very important part of my daily routine and workout regime, but I do love getting out and biking or running (when I am super motivated). 
I have been obsessed with Lululemon lately and I adore their patterns and prints that they seasonally come out with. I bought this racerback a while ago, but I really love the snug fit and breathability it has. I think this was a retired pattern, so there isn't a link to it on the website, but I know they have great selections to choose from. 

I have also been loving these Run Time Shorts because they're insanely comfortable to wear when it gets really warm in mid April and May. I love to wear these to lounge in, as well. The back pocket is so handy and functional. I like to put extra cash and I can even fit my big Iphone in it when I need to. 
I also love to wear a headband when I work out so all of my fly-aways won't distract me while I'm warrior two-ing. I love this Fly Away Tamer Headband that I got last year. It's thick and sweat wicking which I appreciate. 

My Fitbit Flex has been a constant accessory whenever I work out and to be quite honest, I feel like I'm getting the most of my workouts and days, for that matter, by keeping track of how active I am, how much I drink, how long I sleep, and how long I can keep my heart rate up. It's made a complete difference. 
Shoes are an essential to any workout outside and I have to say, these Nike Free Runs have been a true favorite of mine. I have wider feet and these are insanely comfortable and lightweight. I have had many pairs of Nikes and I think these have to be my all time favorite pair. 

They're so durable and easy to clean (I like to use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser) and I have worn these on college visits, to Disney World, and many other trips. I think these are also adorable worn with rolled up skinny jeans or joggers for the ultimate athleisure look. 
I love getting into warmer weather and hope to be out and about wearing this outfit and getting more active! Maybe i'll start doing more yoga outside. If you'd like to see what kind of yoga I do, click here for a full on guide and tutorial for a full sun salutation. Also, please go check out for more activewear and some sexy lingerie that'll make anyone feel like they've just achieved all of their workout and body goals. You'll look fabulous and I know how much clothes can definitely make the biggest difference on body confidence and self esteem. So go get grooving! 

What's your athleisure go-to? 
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