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Best Drugstore Skincare Products

Great skincare has become very vital to my everyday routine. When I was younger, all I did was wake up, wet a washcloth, and be on my way out to school. Over the past dreadful years with dry, acne prone skin, I haven't left the house without a full face cleanse. Not only am I taking care of my face, I have also created a self-pamper ritual every night before I go to bed. When I wake up, I feel so refreshed. My skin is soft and there's no burning hands because gosh that would be annoying.
Finally! Garnier has brought their micellar water to the States! I am super excited to share this with all of you. Micellar water is just beginning to become more popular in the United States and I have no idea why they never made any for the drugstore until now. I love cleansing waters so much because of their makeup removing power and they are so hydrating. I use a small cotton pad, that you can get from pretty much anywhere, and I cleanse my face with it once in the morning and once at night. I have already been using the Simple micellar water as well and I think that its also an awesome cleanser. Those were the only two that I found at the drugstore and a reasonable price at that. 

For some odd reason, my under arms are very sensitive. This unscented deodorant has been my go-to for the past couple of weeks and I am really starting to like this product. I was strolling along at one of my Trader Joe's and needed a new deodorant. So when I saw this one, it said "no aluminum" and I was really curious about it because I didn't no what that mean't. My mom said that the aluminum could be a reason my armpits are very sensitive when I use my other deodorants. I have to say that she was right. Not only does this help my stink for a whole school day, it hydrates my underarms and moisturizes them as well! Who doesn't want soft pits? Plus, this has some pretty great ingredients inside like aloe vera, sunflower seed oil, and lemongrass. So it smells like lemons but, doesn't leave the harsh cleaning supply smell to your underarms. It's great!
This is one of my newest favorite additions to my body care collection. Okay, maybe I'm a little biased because it says 'Yoga' on it. Can I just say that it is the most amazing smelling body scrub I have used in a very long time. It has coconut and lavender and as soon as I get home from a sweaty yoga workout, I smell absolutely amazing before I go to bed. It also helps me get to sleep faster because of the essential oils in it. Nip+Fab is going to be my new favorite body product company as they also carry lotions, gels, and shampoos. I can't wait to look for more!

Tip: You can find these at Target in the perfume section.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

A ritual that I have been doing before I go to bed is making sure I not only apply chap stick, but some lotion as well. Does anyone feel a bit claustrophobic when they have really dry hands? Maybe that's just me. Plus, during these extremely cold months,  it's vital to make sure you're moisturizing every single day. Body Shop body butters have been a classic go-to lotion for me and this mango scent is my favorite scent in the whole collection at Body Shop. I also love the travel sized ones instead of the humongous tins of body butter that don't fit in any of my drawers. I can pop this in my purse or makeup bag and be on my way!

Is there any more skincare I need to tryout? Leave comments and recommendations below!

Xoxo Nat


  1. I've tried Tom's toothpaste but not deodorant. Gotta try it out. :]

    // ▲ ▲

    1. Yeah! My friend Ellie ( loves the toothpaste! X

  2. The Body Shop body butters are the best! x

    1. I know! They're so moisturizing and great gifts as well. xxx

  3. Body shops body butters are so nice! I love them!
    Charlotte /

  4. I'm a massive fan of the Body Shop vitamin E oil. Its worked wonders for dull dehydrated skin! I prefer the smaller body butters to! Just purely because I want to try new scents and will rarely use a big one up haha xx

    1. OMG I need to try that out as soon as possible! Yeah I liked to mix and match between the travel body butters and the gels. LOVE x


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