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Ever since I was a little girl, skincare has always been a big priority for me. I have oily skin and acne like every other teenager and I have had problems with it in the past because I have very sensitive skin so any foreign product could potentially harm my skin. I recently discovered Simple Skincare and I love it.

Simple Skincare has so many products that are made from natural ingredients so there are no harsh chemicals and dyes that could hurt my skin or cause breakouts. They have moisturizers, wipes, cleansers, and eye creams that won't cost you $100 at all! You can get these at your local drugstore or supermarket!

Morning Skincare

My morning skincare routine is very "simple" (haha no pun intended). I don't like to drench my face in a bazillion products but i always make sure to wash it with a wash cloth before anything.

After I wash my face with a warm wet wash cloth, I use Neutrogena's Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Triple-Action toner. I put a decent amount on a cotton pad and make sure to get all of the dirt off my little face. This toner is supposed to treat acne before it emerges (great), eliminate oil and shine (also great), and refresh and smooth (amazingly great)! 

I like to use this every two days because using it everyday can really dry out your skin because it is a salicylic acid treatment. 

Following the toner, I use Simple's new Cleansing Micellar Water and I am in love with it!! Usually it is really hard to find a decent priced cleansing water in the markets especially in the U.S. because I guess Europe loves their cleansing waters so much they don't want to share haha. This cleansing water is so refreshing on the skin and gets all of the left over grime and makeup off of my face it's also used as a hydrater or moisturizer so I usually skip moisturizing on some mornings! And the greatest part? You don't have to wash it off! Amazing right?

The last step for my moring skincare is eyes. I use CeraVe's Eye Repair Cream to reduce my eye puffiness and dark circles. I put a few tiny dots under my eyes and make sure I blend it in with one of my fingers going towards my nose or counter clockwise around my eye to make sure I don't pull skin in that area and cause future wrinkles. This is so moisturizing and my concealer lasts even longer with this on!

During the Day

If I am ever doing something outside in the blazing heat or I just need a makeup fix, I like to use Simple's Sensitive Skin Experts Cleansing Facial Wipes to remove oil and sweat from my face (or pits lol) if I am ever on the go or I don't have enough time to use any cleanser. I also like to bring these when I travel or in the car in case I ever need a quick fix! These are also great to take to school! I like to keep a smaller pack in my locker. These cleansing wipes are a great idea for those lazier girls too (I can be one of them). 

Night Skincare

After a very long day at school or work or being outside forever, here is how my nighttime skincare goes. 

I start off by removing my eye makeup. I like to use Simple's Sensitive Skin Experts Eye Makeup Remover Pads to remove all of my mascara, shadow, and eyeliner. These are so easy to use and my makeup comes right off without any burns or hard rubbing on my eyes!

Next, I have to cleanse my whole face. The whole shubunga. I use Simple's Sensitive Skin Expert's Moisturizing Facial Wash to fully cleanse my face. It leaves my face feeling energized and fresh after.

Finally to finish off, do not forget to moisturize! It is so important! I use Simple's Ultra-Light Gel Moisturizer that is instantly hydrating and does not clog my pores and does not promote oiliness! 

Tip*** It's a good idea to use a gel moisturizer instead of a cream one if you have really oily skin. It allows your face to breath more and Simple's Gel Moisturizer has no harsh chemicals or dyes and leaves my face soft and pore-free! 

I hope you guys took some inspiration out of my skincare routine and hopefully you guys all have special skincare routines like I do because it's very vital to take care of your skin. Please go try out Simple's products because I love them so much! 

Xoxo Nat

"Smile, it's Simple"

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  1. I have oily skin but need a decent moisturizer. I use michael todd oil control one now & I love Simple products I will check out their gel moisturizer next :)

    1. I have been using Simple for a long time now and I really recommend it for oily skin. I hardly get as oily as I did before using their moisturizer. X

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    1. Thank you Heri! I'll go check it out :)


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  5. I have been recently trying out a night time skin care routine. Normally, I just go to sleep! I need to stop being so lazy.

    1. I completely get the feeling! I try to make it as "simple" as I can lol X

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  8. Always start your facial care ritual by cleaning it thoroughly. When you wake up, usually dead skin cells will accumulate due to the regeneration of skin cells and remnants of exfoliation from the toner at night. Dead skin cells that accumulate this will clog the pores and can lead to skin problems such as acne and dull skin. Therefore, you must clean your face first before using other morning skincare or use your makeup.